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IDA Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a specialized value solutions partner of Dassault Systèmes in India and also an authorized re-seller of zSpace Inc. that provides the 3D learning experiences through AR / VR technology. IDA Business Solutions is a recognized technology and market leader in the field of Digital Product Development, Process Development, Integration and Automation with over 20 years of domain experience in 12 different manufacturing industry segments. It's all about delivering more than a box or a CD. It's all about giving better customer value proposition. IDA's philosophy is uncompromised customer support which is why we have a separate and dedicated support team composed of highly trained and previously experienced field manufacturing engineers. We have alliances for both commercial and academic entities so we can bridge the skill gap to provide our industry with better trained engineers and our students an actual picture of our industry so they in turn can choose their preferred field of mastery. IDA's technical staff are all highly trained, manufacturing experienced, certified and most important customer oriented engineers.


We have done away with a lengthy per product focus type of customer support process and made each and every engineer trained in all our flagship products to enable them to respond to any customer concern, anytime and for whatever type of application. While this process requires continues investment on our side, the returns through an impressive customer satisfaction level and an exponential growth in services renewal rate shows our formula clearly works. Let us know how we can help you.

IDA is proud to share its journey of success by achieving the milestones below:
  • Value Added reseller of zSpace in India – Y2014
  • Developed commercial available product “pipeISO” and first global pipeISO customer – Y2015
  • Solution partner of Dassault Systemes in India – Y2016
  • First global 3DExperience PLM implementation – Y2016
  • First CAA development for global customer on CATIA V5 – Y2016
  • First school in India to acquire zSpace STEM education system – Y2017
  • Developed 3D application of “Cow Anatomy” for renowned Veterinary College in India – Y2019
  • Conducted numerous trainings – in India and Globally on CAD/ CAM / PLM.
  • Proud to announce the opening of New Office in Sydney, Australia Y2019
  • First Veterinary College in India to setup its's AR/VR Lab with zSpace AIO Stations and Cow Anatomy app installed - Y2019

Industry Solutions


Amid fierce competition and rapid transformation in the automotive market, the companies are looking for new ways of optimization in design and engineering, Production, Planning and Manufacturing to regain the position in the market with their innovative products. IDA helps clients to provide a team of engineering excellence to integrate the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform in their recent design, improving manufacturing efficiency with industry leading real-time visibility and control capabilities, accelerate new product introduction while decreasing time to global market and time to volume and reducing total cost of IT ownership by removing conventional IT applications across the enterprise that help in business transformation and improving sales and after sales support.


With the increase of economic growth in countries like China, India and Africa, there is a need for increase in the Energy demand by atleast 50% by 2030. To attain the target, technological convergence thereby meeting excellence thereby designing and manufacturing the smart grids is vital requirement for Power Industries. We provide the service support that helps in transformation of the earlier design and engineering, planning and manufacturing capabilities with the latest cutting edge technology that improves the productivity, efficiency and reduce the operating costs to fetch profit margins.


IDA, through one of its flagship product zSpace, promotes Kinesthetic learning of human and veterinary anatomy by integrating the hardware and software interface in order to provide life like experiences that are immersive and interactive. Users examine virtual body structures with accurate anatomical representation, plan procedures and present findings.


In order to acquire, aggregate, analyze and socialize market insights on a single platform, IDA is presently working as solutions service partner of Dassault Systemes, Australia that enables effective collaboration and operational stability across all planning time horizons and disciplines.


IDA, working as a solutions service partner of Dassault Systemes, provides a team of experienced people to provide realistic simulation solutions for the offshore industry that predict the structural strength and deformations in the large displacement nonlinear regime.


Many shipbuilding industries adopt the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and industry solution experiences in order to transform shipbuilding practices and gain an edge in the competitive industry. IDA helps clients in integrating and further implementing the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform with their present solutions such as “Designed for Sea”, “Winning Bid for Sea”, “Optimized Production for Sea”, “On Time for Sea”, to improve sales, marketing, design and engineering, manufacturing and services capabilities.

Our Clientele

We at IDA Business Solutions value our client relationships. Our solutions are designed to address the need of various industry verticals - scaling from low and mid-sized companies to large production and manufacturing establishments.